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More Testimonials

I first saw Eti  when I decided to try out the skin pen to help with my acne, scars and uneven skin tone. Initially I wasn't sure what to expect, Eti  explained the whole process to me step by step and made me completely at ease. My results with the skin pen were AMAZING! I have tried everything, from lasers to peels and nothing had such drastic and noticeable results. It all turned out exactly as she had explained to me step by step. A couple of weeks later I went back to Ettie for a facial, I've gotten many facials at many other places and this was awesome, she was light handed yet thorough with the extractions, they didn't hurt at all , again she told me everything she did and the reasons she did them and I walked out glowing, and for the first time I didn't break out at all after my facial, it just felt nice and smooth and clean.  She does a thorough job and really takes her time. The best thing is Eti stays on top of all the latest skin treatments and products and is so well informed and shares that information so I always feel like I'm getting to know my skin so much better and can take care of it even when I'm home doing my own skin regimen. She always has the best top of the line medical grade skin care products that make my skin feel amazing. Her studio is very  cute and comfortable with a little garden outside that just all makes you feel so glamorous and at home at the same time, and she's extremely sweet and nurturing and truly cares about the health of your skin which I hate to say is a rare find. 


Ive been going to Eti for over a year now and I am loving the great results and huge changes I'm seeing in my skin, I feel like I've finally found someone to help me turn my skin around after so many years of issues with acne and all the scars it left behind. I've referred a couple of my friends to her who also loved their results ( one of which didn't think there was any point in getting facials). I'm constantly getting compliments on my skin and seriously always feel like I'm glowing. It's not the type of thing where you go and you're like hmm I don't know I mean my skin looks a bit better... After even just a facial with her you're like whoa, I didn't know my skin could look like this! Thank you Eti for all the love you've shown me and my skin I'm Sooo glad I found you! If you want to literally TRANSFORM your skin give Eti a try!

Noel E. North Hollywood, CA

My skin looks remarkable! 

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman as my client years ago and we shared a mutual love for beauty, makeup and skincare. She has a passion for aesthetics, like no other; sharing all the knowledge she has learned through her experiences in working for some of the highly respected and talented individuals in Beverly Hills to various educational skincare classes overseas, such as, Switzerland.


Having a facial from Eti Elison is not only a luxury, it really is a privilege.  I had a chance to learn so much more about skincare because she shared more tips and suggestions regarding my specific skin concerns. 


Her facials are 120 minutes and valued over $500 because of the experience it comes with. She uses Medical-grade skincare products to help give the absolutely best results to help restore collagen, regenerate faster results for anti-aging, and protecting the skin from external environmental factors.


Her retail spa offers fully concentrated serum, cleansers, eye treatments, as well as Light Therapy for home treatment- if you want to treat yourself in a home environment. 


My goal is to be able to fully treat my skin to the maximum results so I can also have polished and radiant skin, without wearing as much foundation everyday! 


Thank you Eti for spoiling me for my birthday- it was a true delight :) Love you!!

Valerie K. Arcadia, CA

I don't even know where to start when it comes to Skin by Eti Elison! She is one of my favorite people in LA and I feel that I am very lucky to have her in my life! 


When I originally met Eti, I was just a college girl just looking to learn more about skin care and pamper myself. Eti was always a pleasure and gave me great tips and luxurious facials when I saw her periodically. 


However, this review is more so prompted by the exceptional care I've received from Eti in the past few months. I had fairly clear skin until earlier this year when I suddenly started developing horrible acne that looked awful, was scarring my face, and was taking a toll on my self confidence. With my science/medical background I tried everything I could think of: naturopathic products, dietary adjustments, firm sleep and exercise regulation, and even birth control, antibiotics and Retin-A from my dermatologist. NOTHING HELPED. Further, the antibiotics and Retin-A made me very sun sensitive and basically ruined my summer. 


I was miserable and running out of ideas when I thought I would try to book a facial with Eti. I had a little trouble with this as she had recently left Dr. Laser, where I originally met her. Nonetheless, I was able to track her down. She responded immediately, was so sympathetic, and got me in for a facial immediately. 


I am not exaggerating at all about this next part: with only one visit, my acne was about 75% better. With TWO visits, my acne was completely GONE!! I wish I had taken pictures right before my first facial to share a before-and-after comparison but there is such a significant difference. My friends and co-workers that saw my sudden break-outs and how quickly they receded have all noticed. I no longer wear foundation and feel as though the overall appearance of my skin is better than ever, despite the slight scarring that I am still working to reverse with Eti. Her wonderful facials complete with extractions, LED light, luxurious masks and peels, and the medical grade products she introduced me to were everything I needed.


Eti is not excessive or looking to make a quick buck but rather extremely caring and very knowledgable. She truly has a passion for what she does and is always looking for new ways to improve treatments for her clients. She even attends seminars, conferences, and gives talks. How many estheticians do you know that do that?! This really sets her apart. She personalizes her treatments to her clients needs and is also very accommodating. For example, she totally understands financial limitations and helps me figure out how to cover the costs of the treatments and products I receive. Eti pays so much attention to me on every visit and even follows up via phone that I feel like I am her only client even though I know she is in very high demand.


In terms of the spa itself, Eti's spa is adorable, relaxing, and very clean. She has thought of everything when it comes to making the experience as lovely as possible for her clients. Her facials are also unique and so thorough that it takes her two hours to complete. Be prepared to leave fully relaxed and with a glowing face! Also, no need to worry about anything while you there because parking is free and she provides water, tea, and a snack!


I have worked with several other estheticians but Eti is inarguably the best skin therapist around. I I fully trust her expertise for facials, medical grade product recommendations, daily skin care regimens, and anything else she has to offer. 


I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my skin, Eti! Your work is stellar and you're a wonderful person. I love you and look forward to many more facials with you!

Sunny B. Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

Eti is the skin queen !!! This was the most incredible experience ever ! She cleans skin like no one else ! Her products are all medical grade as well. A facial with her is an experience ! She takes so much time with you ! Her knowledge of skin is fantastic . Part of the facial experience is an AMAZING peel , oxygen treatment, LED lights, hand massage etc etc! And before you leave she gives you a fresh cup of detox tea! The atmosphere is very zen and beautiful. I was so comfortable there.... I could have stayed ! I highly recommend Eti! This is the place to go for beautiful skin! I am hooked on Eti! I can NOT recommend this place enough! This is a gem!!!! She can fix any skin issue! Go see Eti!!!! Best facial experience in town !!!!


Kelli S. Beverly Hills, CA

I have so many wonderful things to say about Eti! I have always loved being outside and have lived close to the beach. I HAD sun damage and scars!She has helped me prepare for my wedding by recommending products and regular visits. 

Trust her!!! She is a professional.  I love that I no longer have such visible sun damage and my chickenpox scar that was on my forehead is gone.

I no longer wear any foundation and I feel rejuvenated after each visit. Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you... Eti will help you feel confident and proud of your skin.  She is absolutely delightful and honest! She is very busy however ALWAYS takes her time and provides a thorough treatment.

Everything about her is fabulous! She doesn't repeat facials... Each session is a different combination of perfection.


Suzanna H. Los Angeles, CA

Eti's facials are superb! I started seeing Eti a year ago after seeing my mom's skin transform in such a short time. As a college student I'm always on the go and do not always pay attention to my skin. I have good skin but wanted it to be just perfect. Especially after seeing how much my mom's skin improved, thanks to Eti's treatments and products. So I booked my facial with Eti (She is busy so call ahead). Let me tell you, Eti truly knows so much about skin care! She always customizes the treatment for my skin's type and need. The treatments are comfortable, relaxing and very educational.

Eti is genuine and caring. She explains all the steps and the products she is using. I love the LED at the end of the treatment it's soothing, and it makes my skin glow like never before. I always have an incredible experience with Eti. I also highly recommend her serums and tinted sunblock. Her products are medical grade and very effective. Now my mom and I are enjoying our healthy glowing skin and are constantly getting compliments thanks to Eti's magical hands.

Leah B. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Eti's facials are superb! I started seeing Eti a year ago after seeing my mom's skin transform in such a short time. As a college student I'm always on the go and do not always pay attention to my skin. I have good skin but wanted it to be just perfect. Especially after seeing how much my mom's skin improved, thanks to Eti's treatments and products. So I booked my facial with Eti (She is busy so call ahead). Let me tell you, Eti truly knows so much about skin care! She always customizes the treatment for my skin's type and need. The treatments are comfortable, relaxing and very educational.

Eti is genuine and caring. She explains all the steps and the products she is using. I love the LED at the end of the treatment it's soothing, and it makes my skin glow like never before. I always have an incredible experience with Eti. I also highly recommend her serums and tinted sunblock. Her products are medical grade and very effective. Now my mom and I are enjoying our healthy glowing skin and are constantly getting compliments thanks to Eti's magical hands.

Leah B. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

I have had many facials, some good and some horrific. I heard about Skin by Eti through a friend and I'm so glad I did! Eti's signature facial is amazing! She takes her times with her clients and goes over every step. When I walked into the room, the energy of the room was something else, very calming and peaceful. She really cares about your skin and it shows with her work. She uses LED light therapy, for blemishes and collagen production, which was something I've never done before. Amazing deep extractions and an anti-aging mask. It's really a very personal experience, plus her energy is very good and calming. Will definitely go back to her. Highly recommend going to her.

Anita R. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! What a hidden gem!


Awesome experience!! 

If you are looking for amazing facial this is the place to go!

Eti goes above and beyond for her clients. She is THE master in skin care and knows so much about different treatments. 

Don't book an over priced facial at a spa... Eti's place is Charming, facials are effective and treatments are inexpensive. She uses medical grade products, great peels, stem cell and collagen masks and my favorite her LED light treatment.

Eti transformed my skin.

I get compliments all the time.


I highly recommend Eti!

Mina Y. Los Angeles, CA

Eti Elison is such a great wonderful kind hearted individual.  She is great at what she does and takes good care of you.  Her facials are awesome and she is very talented at what she does.  I definitely recommend her to anyone whose skin needs attention.  Her prices are great too.

Farideh H. Beverly Hills, CA

If I can give more than 5 star I would. After getting treated by Eti, I refuse to go anywhere else. Highly recommend this place to everyone! My skin is glowing!

Nune M. Glendale, CA

I absolutely love the new products that I just received from Eti. After she perfomed the most amazing signature facial on me, she applied a growth factor called Tensage and then I laid under the LightStim LED light for a few minutes and then she applied a calming mask. Heaven. She really knows how to treat skin and pamper me. Can't wait to start my Biopelle home care regimen and I will definitely be going back to Eti.

Michelle B. Santa Monica, CA

One of the best facials I've ever gotten (and I've gotten many in my lifetime.) My skin has not looked better. I will definitely be back. Thank Eti.

Kathy B. Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for an extremely qualified and experienced place to get a facial and feel super pampered look no further. I had the the best experience with Eti. I had an LED facial and my skin feels amazing. Eti is a professional and will take great care of your skin. Her pricing is very fair and definitely worth it. I am very skeptical of who I trust my skin to and Eti went above and beyond my expectations.

Johanna S. West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


Look for further for your skin care specialist! Eti is simply a miracle worker! I watched one of my closest friends skin transform before my eyes in a matter of a few months. I had to know her secret! She referred me to Eti and I immediately fell in love with her and her treatments. I am 35yrs old with hyper pigment, large pores and the usual fine lines and wrinkles. I have seen many other dermatologists and estheticians. Lots of money and time wasted. I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better. And the results came very fast! I now am able to leave the house without foundation on and I would have never though in a million years that I would be able to do that. Trust her and trust the process. Eti is an expert in the field and has a depth of knowledge when it comes to the products she she uses. Do you and your skin a favor and try Eti.

Deanna M. Santa Clara, CA

Look no further if you're needing a facial. Eti's place is charming, extremely clean and hygienic. Conveniently located two blocks west of century city mall, with plenty of street parking.Eti will make you relaxed and comfortable. Her prices are reasonable and she is using medical grade products and LED light therapy.

I'm her regular patient for many years and will be as long as I live in LA!

Eti knows her craft and incredibly passionate. I did a lot of research before finding her..and glad I did.

Eti is the best esthetician in LA!

Solay R. Beverly Hills, CA

I had an amazing facial with Eti today! It was so relaxing and I learned so much about how to take care of my skin's health. She did series of Refinity peels on me which improved my pigmentation and mad my skin so healthy and younger again! I'm so grateful to my best friend for recommending her to me!

Izabela K. Venice, CA

Eti is my facial fairy godmother!

I recently had a facial with Eti- What a special experience all around! Her charming spa is over looking a beautiful zen garden, so cozy, and super clean. She is professional and so knowledgeable about all things skin related. She is passionate about making you feel and look your absolute best and is the sweetest person. Her Signature European Facial is two hours and it's like no other facial. Eti is such a perfectionist; highly educated in the skin care industry, caring and passionate.

I truly look forward to each treatment and the next after that. Each time Eti refined and perfected my skin. I seriously had no idea that a facial could have such a lasting effect.

Eti is the real deal! Plus she is a walking advertisement for her business, she has amazing glowing skin, and never wears foundation.

I highly recommend Eti! She is the best kept secret in skin care in LA!

Hailey W. Beverly Hills, CA

Absolutely Amazing! I don't even know where to begin! I've had many facials before, but nothing like Eti's! She has transformed my skin. Her knowledge, passion, experience and love for skin care and beauty really set her apart from everyone else! I highly recommend her!!!!

Pauliana Z. Los Angeles, CA

Excellent Service!

Brilliant Skin Therapist!

I have been Eti's patient the pass two years and will never go to anyone else!

Eti's passion, knowledge and dedication is contagious. Every time I see her I feel like a queen for the day! From the second she greats me at the gate I feel pampered and cared for. Eti takes her craft very seriously and it truly shows in her flawless work. 

Eti is not only knowledgeable in treatments and products, she is a true artist that customizes the facial each visit to fit my skin's needs.

Every time I leave her treatment room, my skin is so smooth, clean, glowing and over all rejuvenated.

I'm also addicted to her medical grade skin care line! It is result-driven and like "food for your skin". I especially love her vitamin C+E serum ,Eye Serum, and Tinted SPF.

I feel, especially in L.A, the beauty industry is all about getting your money and it not about service and personal touch...

So, it's nice to finally find a lady that is genuine, honest and so dedicated to her passion in Skin Care.

I love Eti and highly recommend her!

Helen S. Los Angeles, CA

Eti is one of the most talented and warm person in existence! She loves what she does and it shows in her passion to skin care! And she does it well.

I'm a public speaker and my skin presents me. The pass year since I have been going to see Eti. My skin changed tremendously. Eti did six series of Chemical Peels by Refinity on me which got rid of all my pigmentation and fine lines. She also put me on the Skin care regiment that is simple to follow and improved my problem areas. 

I'm super happy with Eti and I think that this kind of quality, service and environment is so rare these days!

Samantha L. Los Angeles, CA

I feel so blessed to have been recommended to see Eti for a facial a year ago. I am addicted to the experience I get every time I see her! She is truly a breath of fresh air to be around. I always leave feeling so relaxed and my face is glowing. I have received so many compliments about my skin since I started going to Eti for all of my facials! Being a personal trainer...I really appreciate a personal touch and Eti gives this every time. She always has a warm tea and nuts to sent you home with. The room is so relaxing and always to tidy and clean! On top of all that - I have had several facials before Eti and NEVER got the results I get from Eti. I could never go anywhere else ever again. She is just the absolute best and I can't recommend her and her services enough!

Lauren S. Venice, CA


I think Eti is the finest and most meticulous skin expert I have ever had the pleasure of using.

I have been to The Golden Door and the Red Door and the only door I want to go through is hers. Her facials and treatments are like mini tutorials on the care and science of the skin, in particular your skin and your needs. And the best quality of Eti, is that she is a caring and kind woman who has your best results as her first priority.

Karen D. Beverly Hills, CA

Ok, for starters I am very sensitive to facials and aestheticians in general because I have had traumatic experiences with them before. I didn't think I could get back to getting facials but I really needed to. I was developing cystic acne and I had discoloration. My friend had been seeing Eti for a few months and couldn't stop raving about her. I courageously decided to give her a try because I was getting really self conscious about my skin. So, making an appointment was so simple and Eti already seemed so sweet on the phone. When I got to her office, parking was a breeze (a must for me) and she even came out with a hat to greet me (the sun is the worst thing for your skin). Her office is so adorable and comforting with lavender to sooth you. I have never been welcomed so warmly! Eti looked at my skin and immediately knew what to do. She was confident and I felt a sense of trust-- which was nice coming from my scarred past. This isn't even the best part. Eti has magic fingers because after that first facial I felt rejuvenated; and my little black heads and my cysts were clearing up. She only uses the top of the line products, no cheap stuff. Post-facial,Eti introduced me to a medical skincare line from her tinted SPF to vitamin C serum. I was hesitant at first but my friend who tried it love it, so I went ahead with it. I am proud to say it was the best decision. Her LED light treatment kills the acne Bactria and helps with healing. You FEEL and SEE your skin change for the better and it is so exciting! I have been Eti's client for about 7 weeks now and my skin is so good that I DONT even put make up on (I do put sunscreen)-- my dream; I feel a boost of confidence in my everyday life. Eti knows her stuff, she knows what works together, what you can handle and what you shouldn't do. A personal plug: Eti is not only therapy for my skin but for my mind- she is the best listener, and has much experience and advice to happily share. So, you will not only LOVE her facials but she is such a wonderful person in general. I can probably write a whole other page but just be kind to yourself and try her out!

Tamar L. Los Angeles, CA

Truly an expert skin care in LA,, I had such amazing experience. I have been there for 2 times so far and and she gives the best facials and does what's best for my skin and she treat what is need for your skin,, super warm and friendly staff and would highly recommend her.

Nikki A. Los Angeles, CA

Eti is amazing at all she does and has blessed hands! You come there and leave pampered and refreshed- as a mom, this is my dream coming and being spoiled by a nice facial along relaxing music and a true experience of indulgence- if ur looking to pamper yourself and renew your complexion and glow call her- reasonable pricing as well- good location- and great lady to chat with too:;

Rebbeca S. Los Angeles, CA

Eti is the best!! 

I love the new location!! It's so peaceful.

I look forward to comming again and as always tell my friends. 

KOL hakavod Eti hatzadeket !!

Levi L. Beverly Hills, CA

Is there 6 stars? I LOVE Eti, she is the best skin specialist ever. i literally glowed for a month after getting her facial. She is professional, charismatic and overall amazing. I have gotten facials, microdermabrasion, and the Led Light. They are all amazing services and made my skin brighter, younger and glowing. She has recently moved to a new location that is totally great, and very accessible as well as easy to find parking. I recommend Eti 100% besides being an expert she is a sweetheart and will go the extra mile to make her customers happy. I am so glad to have found her.

Evlyn H. West Hollywood, CA

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