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Eti Elison is skin-obsessed and her patients are proud of this. From the moment she greets you in her garden of wellness and guides you to the treatment room, you know you will be intricately cared for. Eti orchestrates customized facials with her hands, sequencing strokes and whispering to every pore. The key to her outstanding results are primarily due to her determination to see every patient leave with an infused enthusiasm to take care of themselves.


Over the years, Eti has mastered the art of healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. As a licensed skin therapist in three different countries: Israel, Switzerland and USA, she has been immersed in the skin care industry for over 25 years. She provides cutting edge treatments, the result of many years of experience in clinical skincare. Her facials are meticulously customized to each patients individual needs. 

Eti Elison

Advanced Skin Care Therapist, L.E.

Eti Elison

The secret behind her signature treatment is an exclusive natural growth factor from a special snail found in Santander, Spain. This next generation facial infuses antioxidants, peptides, growth factor and brightening agents for rapid skin rejuvenation deep into the layers of the skin. The many accolades Eti receives in her customer reviews and publications are simply the result of knowledge and experience paired with a deep commitment to caring.


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